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Feb. 23rd, 2011

Life is life is life

Things that distracted me from making this post.
1. Rping.
3. Fucking around on Plurk
2. Onion News Network
3. Robot Chicken
4. ...anything shiney.


Work bullshit is work bullshit. )

So, that's work. Otherwise, been kinda active and talking to people on Plurk...which I haven't done in too long of time. So I guess that's good. Been doodling with my tablet and haven't really been coming up with anything, which isn't surprising. Been playing a lot of Pokemon too, and got the Game Stop Celebi that apparently gives you a Pokemon in Black and White, like the other Pokemon that have been released. Which is cool because it's now my strongest Pokemon on my Diamond at level 50, which is awesome because that means I'm gonna kick some ass!

Also, finally caught up on all the episodes of Star Driver, which I have an OT3 for... Not sure if that's a good or bad thing as of yet. In other anime news, been rewatching Zoids: Fuzors because I love my giant robots. Especially giant robots that are KICK ASS.

In other news, my screen now has 50 bagillion Prussia and 2 Russia wandering around. Aka-my screen has overloaded with AWESOME.

have a quick screencap )


ramble ramble ramble psycho

Jan. 20th, 2011

Errr. Hi...

It's been awhile and for once, I'm not "OMFG DEPRESSED" or "OMFG RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE" and just sort of...pleasant to say the least. Also, need to get more icons. :/ I went through my photobucket and figured that I don't have enough of my current fandoms. At all. I need to fix that and get more GW ones...because I never have enough GW icons. never.

In other news, the car's fixed. YES. Sorta. The back tire still has a "flat" but I think all of them just need some air in them, since I don't remember when the last time we put air into the tires. Oh, and who else remembers when air at gas stations were free and not a damn quarter? You used to just hit a button and get air but now it's have to pay for it. Sometimes I think I should just invest in a bike pump and get air that way. It sure as hell wouldn't hurt and it would pay for itself eventually.

Also was able to access my desktop from my laptop again. I took the password off back in October since my roommate's mom was cat-sitting for us that weekend and it was in case she just wanted to use the computer...and I never turned it back on until like...yesterday. So now I have all my music back instead of just what I have on my laptop. Which means I found some songs that I forgot I downloaded/missed over the past few months. Like all my Lemon Demon. X3

Oh! And I finally ordered/received/reading and enjoying Hitler Victorious, which is a book I've been wanting to read since like, high school. It's about if the Axis won WWII and what would happen to Europe/America in 11 short stories. It's actually pretty interesting so far, that an I love alt history stories. It did make my roommates raise their eyebrows at me though and said that I was too obsessed with Hetalia like that was the reason that I bought the book...which really isn't.... Oh well.

That's pretty much it. Been going through Lucky Dog 1 and...getting a lot of game overs. I'm kinda surprised that I can't even seem to find a Japanese play through guide to like...have badly translated due to GoogleTranslate not being the greatest thing in the world to use... I just want some of the good endings instead of all the game overs, although I am proud of myself. Only got the main character raped once so...that should count worth something. I think. I hope.


already out of things to ramble on about psycho

Jan. 8th, 2011

I suggest you skip this. Really.

Rant about sketching and just...general whining/bitching. You all have been warned.

Cut because I guess I'm feeling depressed. And telling the complete honest truth about myself with no censor. Blerg. )

And...damn that was depressing. In other news, getting sick. Hopefully not enough to make me call off in the next few days.. I want another year of perfect attendance at work, even though I get yelled at for it. The sick time doesn't roll over/get added in anywhere, but I have this thing called a guilty conscious and I just can't bring myself to call off. Especially just knowing that everyone would be screwed over.


sleep. need sleep. psycho

Dec. 15th, 2010

Long time no see...

Because I've been hermit again. Talking to my mom more which is a good thing I guess, she really wants me to go over and bake cookies. I think she's getting the empty nest syndrome. My poor mom...

Anyway, would talk about what work is doing, like my store manager threatening to take people off my shift since I take back booth down at 10 instead of midnight. And use my help to get cleaning done instead of apparently meeting McStandards (aka-times). Monday is going to be "fun". I really hope us midnight managers get that meeting with our store manager. Because as much as they want us to be gods, we are not. We are lowly mortals who must command the shift and make sure that everything runs smoothly and people get their food. And everything gets clean.


Here's the trailer:

Just....I can't wait for it to come out. AND IF THEY GET STEVE BLOOM TO DO DUO'S VOICE LIKE FROM THE ANIME I WILL SWOON. AND JUST... ...WAIT I'M ALREADY FANGASIMING SO IT DOESN'T EVEN MATTER!! I can't wait for it to come over here! So bad! I'll totally preorder that fucking bitch!!!!

Oh, and got a Droid 2 as my Nano reward and it is amazingly epic. I get to talk to people on the go even! So worth it~


totally in gundam fangirl mode psycho

Aug. 7th, 2010


So...totally am supposed to be working on the living room, but I don't feel like it. :\ Damn tornado sirens went off at noon, so that's when I woke up since it's the monthly testing day. We have it the first Saturday of every month, and I haven't been able to fall back asleep. Did finally start that load of dishes though, so that's a start? At least I have something to show instead of marking more fanfiction to my list of read...

So at work, have a chick that is coming over from another store for two nights a week for a while, not sure why but whatever, not the first time this has happened. Anyway, she's a lot better than some of the other people they got for us, like that one girl we kept calling Judi II. This one actually knows service and grill!! That's a blessing all on its own. And she knows how to work and doesn't tell m e that if she stands still, customers won't come! I don't care how long she's with us, I can over see good things coming,. Now all we need is for my regular crew to get more hours and I'll be set!! I think sleep depervation is making me more hopefully about this than I usually am. :3

Lets see...anything else to ramble on about....

Uh...that's a big honking no unless you count the fact that I haven't been sketching lately. I think I'll do that later instead of taking a nap. XD Art > sleep yes?


up up and away psycho

May. 31st, 2010


It's almost time for mango! It starts at midnight!!!! And...I still have no plot. Or characters or anything of the like. What I do have is a new sketchbook, a straight edge, lead, pencils, and my pens if I wanna ink anything. Still haven't found my battery charger for my's somewhere in that damn room of mine. I will find it! So, we'll see what my muse wants to do at midnight and that's what I'll be doing for the entire month. I will be posting the...uh...I don't want to call it a comic or manga...but the prelude to one here. And at the main community. And my creative journals. And my deviantart. :D

Ug. I feel so drained. -____- I hate holiday weekends. We're always busier than projected and we never have enough people. As in making as much as I do on a Friday night on a Sunday night with not as nearly as many people. Nor my good crew. :\ At least it's over and at least I don't have to suffer month end this month!! I do next month, but at least I'm 'crew' for that.

So, I'm not getting off overtime, but I'm not managing Wed nights either. Helen wanted to add people on and...well...we just don't have the people. So I get to be still on full time. But I'm just doing front counter for an hour, parfaits, burritos, and dishes. Which basically means EASY AS HELL NIGHTS. FUCK YEAH! I need at least one a week, or I really will start killing people. Because either my muse wants to write/draw a bloodbath or I really am getting as angry as I was when I first moved out. because damn was I angry...

Otherwise, there's just nothing much going on, except I'm hungry and need to scour the kitchen for food. :P


hungry hungry psycho

May. 28th, 2010

It's Official

I'm officially announcing that I'm totally winging mango. Why? Because my muse crapped out on another idea in favor of nothing. So if it's nothing she wants, nothing she will get! Most likely not one of my better ideas, but unless she comes up with something amazing and awesome in the next three days, it's better than drawing something that I really don't feel like drawing. Maybe I should start writing again...maybe that will wake the bitch up. :\

Otherwise, work is work is work. I'm finally getting off full time which will help a lot, because I get really depressed when I'm on full time and I lose the will to really do anything. Plus, it seems my annual summer insomnia is back. Hopefully it'll only last a week or two and not an entire month again. Because the last time it did that, it sucked really bad.

I'm also on the hunt for any new bands/music. I'm downloading Kamelot right now, and might actually grab some of Hammerfall's songs, because they sound really cool too. Plus, I was laughing at some of their lyrics. Which is always a plus. So any suggestions would be amazing as I have no idea what I want to look for.

That's about all for this update. Short, sweet, and simple. :D


should either get something to eat or try to go back to bed psycho

May. 26th, 2010

Nanomango update thing

So, I have a plot now, finally. Yay for doodling and creating characters/worlds in my head! I have characters, I sorta have a world worked out, and I'm getting the page layout down.

Now all I need is a shitload of lead, buy a sketchbook, find my charger for my camera battery (because fuck trying to scan this again. I'm going to use my paper that's too big for my scanner again. :P) , and resting my muse up leading to June 1st.

Oh, and hands are fucking hard. I hate them.


sketching sketching sketching psycho
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May. 20th, 2010

Good Morning!

Ug. I hate hot days. Anything over 75 makes me apartment feel like a tin can left out to sit in the sun. Oh the woes of living on the third floor! I can't wait until they turn on the A/C. I have a bad feeling about this summer and heat. :\ Mostly since last year was so nice and cool.

Anyway, before I forget again, when I went on my walk on Tuesday night/Wed. morning, I saw a satellite! I'm a huge geek and have been wanting to see one just go across the sky, and I finally did! I wonder which of the many it was...but I doubt anything really important. Mostly as it seems really odd for them not to be closer to the equator, since that's really where most of the space stations are. I really need to stop being so geeky. It's kind of worrisome.

Work last night was...well...just as busy as a Saturday night. Which does not bode well for the summer at all. Because that means we need at least two more midnight people and the chances that they'll hire the people with the right personality because it takes someone a bit insane to love midnights as much as my crew and I do... and who I don't scare off. I guess I come off as a little strong? Or my music scares them away? I put a lot of different types of stuff on my mp3 player...mostly to try to appease everyone and to entertain myself, but I guess it's not enough. Mostly since out of the new batches of people, the one girl I did get to meet, I worked with her once and the next day she quit. So...I don't know....

In 'wondering wtf I did now' news, my new roommate has been over her mom's for the past week with almost no communication. Meaning that I most likely scared another person away/she just wasn't ready to move out. This month + me + other people = not so good apparently. Good thing I have enough apathy about this subject to just pull a bit out and numb the confusion. Yay numbing!

Well, I'm off to do something productive. Maybe. Most likely not. I get to farm stuff in WoW because I was told to for the good of the guild. :P


kinda wondering what tonight's gonna be like psycho

May. 16th, 2010

Insomnia can suck my non-existent ballz

Hopefully I can take a nap before work tonight, because I have a feeling that I'm gonna need all the rest I can get. :\

So...this weekend was the Downriver Ho-down. Where everyone pretends to be a hic and line dances wherever the hell they're holding it this year. Which means that we've been getting our ass handed to us by complete and utter dumb-fucks that I wouldn't mind shoving in the fryers and just watch the legs twitch. Because I swear, I get one more gag order and I'll be hanging someone's intestines as streamer in the lobby. Won't that just look lovely. honestly, I think the dripping blood down the walls/onto the floor would look really kick ass....psycho I am maybe yes?

Otherwise, still trying to coax my muse into working with me for mango. She won't let go of the idea of drawing Senna for an entire month and I'm...not so crazy about it honestly. But if June comes around and that's all I can get her to draw, I'll guess I'll do it for the sake of having something to draw for it. She has been wanting to write a little more than usual, which is good. Because my stories need to stop being stuck.

And...that's about all I can remember to rant about.


going to try to lay back down psycho
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May. 7th, 2010


So, the past couple of nights at work haven't been very fun. And the rest of my week doesn't look that much brighter. Mostly since tonight I have Useless, Dumber, and my kick-ass grill person. And that's it. If my ankle wasn't fucked up before, it's really gonna be hurting tomorrow morning.

Wed. Night, we were almost out, so close, at least I was. Truck, which I have to check in now, called and said it was going to be an hour late. Which meant I had a chance to gtfo before it got there. Awesome. I was seriously finishing up my paperwork when the morning manager, smug as the bitch that she is, said that truck was here. So, I ended up staying until 7, sitting on my fat ass, and counting boxes as they came off the line. Where sitting down was really nice after a long ass shift, I would have much rather been home.

Last night, different story. At about 12:18, the morning manager called off, which meant I got to call the store manager and let her know because Heaven forbid that we actually have enough managers in the fucking store. (We just got like, 6 more crew trainers...which helps a lot. It means we can, I don't know, TRAIN PEOPLE! But still doesn't help our manager situation. :\) So, turns out that the earliest that the next manager can get there is 7:30, which is my store manager who is coming in on her vacation. I feel bad, but I'm getting a shit ton of overtime already that we're not really allowed to have... and I don't know how to really run a shift other than midnights. :\ Because they decided that I didn't need to know other shifts. Sucks for them.

Otherwise, it's supposed to storm today, and the storms are supposed to be pretty bad from what The Weather Channel is saying. :\ Hopefully they're wrong and if they're right, I really hope that the one power line by my house that's leaning stays up. I mean, the way it looks, the only thing keeping it up is a power box/generator thing. And stupid people keep parking under it. We've complained to DTE about it before, but they still haven't sent anyone out to fix it. Maybe I should just go take a picture of it and send it to them. Maybe THEN they'll decide to fix the damn thing. Or support it or something. I really don't want to go without power if that thing goes. Plus, it may take out half of Southgate/Riverview/parts of Trenton too. I mean, it looks like it's already pulling the other leaning poles, which may go when that thing does and take down another entire line that they're connected to. Like dominoes.

...I don't think that paragraph is grammatically correct. But too lazy to fix it. XD

Oh, and I watched The Land Before Time yesterday, and proved that I'm still a wimp when it comes to that damn movie. :\ The part where Littlefoot's mother dies still gets to me, I don't know why. it's sadder than fucking Bambi's mom dying. srsly. And that ending song, even if that has nothing to do with that part. It was that or stress, I couldn't really tell. --_--; I'm such a child sometimes....


tired, rambling, and sorta pissy psycho
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May. 5th, 2010



And...I still don't have a plot for nanomango...or characters... My muse is so mean to me sometimes. -_-

That's really all I wanted to post are these getting shorter. At least that means I don't have as much to bitch about!


wants to watch The Land Before Time psycho

Apr. 28th, 2010


May is almost here! CRAP! Nanomango's a little over a month away...and this time last year, I actually had an idea. This year...not so much. I'm thinking of doing Senna's story for it, but then again, I just started writing the story again and I'm not too sure where I'm going with it yet. The next two chapters are still a little iffy before I start really delving into the plot... I just need to outline/get them done and over with.

And get some of my other stories rolling's been close to 8 months since I've touched A Slice of Life, YACAS, YACASII, or really anything else that I'm supposed to be working on. :\ Let alone the fanfiction HOLY SHIT FANFICTION WHAT? that's been in my head for the past two months now... I really wish my muse would cooperate with me instead of fighting against me sometimes. I really, really do. -_- Hopefully this means that I'll actually get something creative done soon, because everything just sorta fell to the side after my tablet decided to stop fucking working.

At least this time I have a camera to take pretty pictures of what I draw instead of my shitty ass scanner that has been kinda temperamental lately... Me and technology have been fighting lately. A lot.

In World of Warcraft news: I HIT 77! AND GOT COLD WEATHER FLYING! Meaning I can fly in Northrend now and I'll be able to level even faster!! /n3rd

In work news: I'm at full time until further notice apparently, because Judi is still out with her fractured hand and even when she comes back, she most likely won't be able to take over shifts right away. So...blah. I've been trying to avoid a situation where I had to be full time again but it seems life isn't always that kind. :\ Ah well. Larger checks here I come! Plus overtime! Because I get to stay over and count truck twice a week if it's there on time. YAY OVERTIME!

That's about it...about to go for a nice morning walk to get the muse going. I hope the moon's still was really pretty earlier so I might take a couple of pictures of it... What can I say? I love the sky. Maybe that's why my head's always in the clouds.


kinda hyper, content, and inspired psycho

Apr. 6th, 2010


My brother is in the hospital with his girlfriend who's in labor! I'm gonna be an aunt by tomorrow!!!!


really excited psycho

Mar. 23rd, 2010

Is it me or am I weird?

So, I've been waiting for the 23rd to come for about a week now. I have no idea why. Now that it is the 23rd, I still have no flippin' idea why I've been waiting for it to come. :\ Will most likely post another entry today if something interesting happens. If not...then maybe an actual update.


wtf is wrong with my subconscious psycho

Mar. 14th, 2010

Guess what?




And going to my mom's soon. Yay!!


going to see her mommy psycho

Mar. 11th, 2010

Movies what?

So...watched two movies that I want to rant about. Well, one is a rant, the other one I liked. Under cuts in case of spoilers.

Alice in Wonderland )

Meet the Spartans )

So, that's about it. Wrote a little yesterday and am going to try to get the chapter I'm working on done before work tonight.


either gonna write or take a nap psycho
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Mar. 8th, 2010


So, bad weekend is bad, but at least it's over. I think. I hope. I keep having this sinking feeling that Fridays are going to be my new bad day, but I refuse to think about that. REFUSE. Why? Because it's a long time away and I have better stuff to think about.

Like coloring. My current WIP is...well...err...not coming out as great as I hoped it would. I made it too dark again and white paper doesn't behave like black does. I like the black paper because it's easier to fix mistakes. A lot easier. -_- Oh well, I'm sure I'll figure out some way to fix it. Eventually.

Picked Kyo Kara Maou back up, mainly because I've watched everything except the last season. I tried to watch it when it was coming out, but I marathoned the entirety of the first, second, and then R seasons in like, a week (around 68 episodes or something like that...) so I was a little burned out. And bummed that the opening theme song had changed when it was the same for an ass ton of episodes. The new one's growing on me though. The only down side is that the site I was watching it had a really bad video to where the video was ahead by about 5 seconds of the audio, and I couldn't find any better one. So I'm currently downloading it...which according to Vuse's counter, is going to take me 9-12 days. Joy of joys.

Other than that, working on getting back into writing regularly again. I sort of missed it and have a lot of unfinished stories and I finally convinced my muse that we need to do something about that. Eventually. If she could stop getting distracted by anything and everything that moves. Or my screen saver. I have a lot of Prussia since I went through deviantart... all 16000 images under that tag.

So, off to try to write some more. Or read a manga, the latter being more of a possibility. Because I know me that well. :P


kinda bored psycho
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Feb. 25th, 2010


So...just finished up my first game of D&D, and have my level 1 druid half-elf character Senkora sorta figured out. It's a fun game once you get into it, plus all the banter is fun! We almost didn't get into the quest because we were making fun of the person giving us the quest. yes I am being a geek...why do you ask?

Other than that...nothing's really been happening. Bought a digital camera, finally, and still trying to figure out how to take/save pictures so that I can spam my deviant art... hopefully soon because I love spamming. Bought the rest of the Joust series by Mercedes Lackey...because it's dragons and a book with dragons and I love dragons. Maybe that's what I do when I figure out that camera...make some of my dragons into icons. It's a possibility. I wonder how big they'll be when I put the images on my computer. Hm. I guess I'll find that out when I finally figure the damn thing out.

Then there's the creepy drunk guy. We used to have this guy we called Mason (because he looked like him) that was a total asshole and hit on all the girls. Now, we have this guy who's worse. He passes out in the lobby and stumbles around at 2 in the morning and tries to get us to let him inside. Really, if you have a need to be that wasted, stay at home. Or find somewhere else. Don't go to McDonald's and expect me to jeopardize myself and my crew so you can sit in the lobby and do God knows what. I just hope that he's moved on already. I don't want to deal with that bastard this weekend. If I do, I think I might start carrying my knife again.

So, that's about it, I'm going to read my book and go to bed. Work tomorrow night is going to be...interesting. I heard we got new grill tops for our grills, so I wonder what that's like. Hopefully not that different from the old ones. :\


rambling psycho
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Feb. 21st, 2010


So...a coworker told me to go look this (and My Immoral: aka worst fanfiction EVER and it's pretty damn bad... I'll let you all look that monster up on your own.) up and it's amazing. The guy reading the horrid letter needs an Emmy or something. I wouldn't be able to read this with a straight face.



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